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Top Japanese Scientists DEMAND Withdrawal of COVID Shots

The tide is turning.
Cross-post from Vigilant News -

Dr. Masanori Fukushima, a prominent Japanese oncologist, has publicly called for COVID-19 mRNA injections to be pulled off the market, describing them as “the work of evil” and equating their impact to “essentially murder.”

Moreover, Japanese researchers are sounding the alarm on the risks associated with blood transfusions from vaccinated individuals.

In a March 14, 2024, preprint, the authors warn: “The impact of these genetic vaccines on blood products and the actual damage caused by them are unknown at present. Therefore, in order to avoid these risks and prevent further expansion of blood contamination and complication of the situation, we strongly request that the vaccination campaign using genetic vaccines be suspended and that a harm–benefit assessment be carried out as early as possible.”


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