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Pioneering Pathologist Arne Burkhardt’s Interview with Taylor Hudak Addressing The Histopathology of CoVax Disease.

Genetically Modified Organons

‘Spikeopathy’: COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both Virus and Vaccine mRNA

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) following COVID-19 Gene Therapy Products (GTPs).

Urgent Expert Hearing on Reports of DNA Contamination in mRNA Vaccines- Live

The FDA knew that the product they were approving under EUA was a poison pill Part 2

October Open Thread

Lab Origin of COVID-19 Was Covered Up To "Vaccinate the World", in an Arsonist-Firefighter Plot

Cardiovascular Health is Declining in the Era of COVID-19 Shots

Reproductive Harms Following COVID-19 Gene Therapy Products- Review and Update

Three Timely Messages on Matters Related to C0VID 19 "Vaccines".

Q: What is in the Vials? A: Bacterial DNA.

Government health officials respond to questions from Dr. Fraiman concerning adverse events from LNP/mRNA genetic therapy.

Book promo video: Canary In a Covid World

The Underlying Pathology of Spike Protein Biodistribution in People that Died Post COVID-19 Vaccination-Dr. Arne Burkhardt

"lipid Nanoparticles": A Regulatory Nightmare

Reproductive Health after COVID-19 Gene Therapy Products

Women's Health and Pfizer's BNT152b2

CDC Trifecta Of LIES About Vax Induced Myocarditis

COVID 19 Spike Producing Drugs Are Not Good for Your Heart

From Germany, Too many vaccine adverse events to evaluate

The Elephant in the (CDC's) Room

Pharmafiles News 🍍 September 5, 2023 🍍 Shocking exposé from Pfizer's original trial!

US Government COVID-19 Genetic "Vaccine" Databases: Sloppy or Corrupt? Or Both?

What is in the vials: Podcast by Dr Peter McCullough

The Highwire

Dr. Robert Chandler Explains: Spike Protein, Heart Inflammation Still Present One Year Post mRNA-Injection

mRNA COVID Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis at One Year Post-Injection- Spike Protein, Inflammation Still Present in Heart Tissue

More CIA…

Why is the MHRA hiding critical safety data on the covid vaccines?

COVID-19 Spike Generating Therapeutics and Pregnancy - What to Do?

Neurodegenerative Disorders and LNP/mRNA.


"mRNA Vaccine Toxicity"- Michael Palmer and Colleagues, Published July 28, 2023.

More Myocarditis...

Lebron James' son suffers a CARDIAC ARREST during USC practice

🚨 Peer-Reviewed Study Finds 1 in 35 People Had Signs of Heart Damage After Receiving the Moderna Booster Shot

The Revenge of the Praetorian Guard

"Nordstream - Dante's explosion- The Biggest Crime Mystery of the Century"

Hot Lots - Viral Vaccine Paper - AKA “The Danish Paper”.

"The Most Grave Injustice our Society Has Experienced Since Magna Carta" - Dr. Roger Hodkinson

"CDC Altered Minnesota Death Certificates that List a Covid Vaccine as a Cause of Death"-Aaron Hertzberg

Government manipulation of Adverse Event data exposed.

VAERS adverse event reports made in the context of twins

CoVax Disease: Age and Sex Patterns with Special Attention to the Under 18 Years of Age Demographic

German Scientists Find Evidence that EU Pfizer-BioNTech Batches Included Placebos

Autoimmunity and COVID-19 Gene Therapy

Pfizer Documents Analysis Summary by Dr Flowers

Rhabdomyolysis Following Spike Generating Gene Therapy Products.

Re-humanizing Data: Part 4 A of the Histopathology series, Clinical-Pathological Case Review.

Sabotage? A Pathologist Reports (Turbo Cancer)

"Histopathological reevaluation of serious adverse events and deaths following COVID-19 vaccination", Burkhardt Part 2.

Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences

VAERS Miscarriage Report of Zaminsky and Wahl.

Under the Microscope: What Does Synthetic mRNA/LNP do to Human Tissues and Organs?

Pfizer Documents Analysis: Volume 1: First 50 Reports. Now on Amazon Kindle

Nine Months Post-COVID mRNA “Vaccine” Rollout, Substantial Birth Rate Drops in 13 European Countries, England/Wales, Australia, and Taiwan.