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Edward Dowd: US - Trends in Death Rates from Neurological Diseases, Ages 15-44

Who has the power to kill the world?


"Sonia Elijah: Study Shows How MRNA Shots Ruin Women's Menstrual Cycles"

VIDEO - SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and other vaccine injuries

The Spike Protein Binds to CD4 T Cells: Impairment and Possible Depletion

Pathological Basis of CoVax Disease Cardiovascular Manifestations- Revised

Joe Biden's doctor is involved in the "Biden family’s influence peddling schemes" according to the Committee on Oversight and Accountability

Pathological Basis of CoVax Disease Cardiovascular Manifestations

What Time It Is

STUNNING LEAKED AUDIO: 7News Exposed Behind the Scenes

My Congressional Testimony: Why Covid-19 Vaccines Were Never Going to Be Properly Safety Tested

The Pfizer Papers

Supreme Court Punts on Technicalities

The 43 Books The White House Tried To Censor

Politics, Private Interests, and the Biden Administration’s Deviation from Agency Regulations in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Musings on the Department of Defense

The Price of Truth vs. Deception In Healthcare

Pfizer's BNT162b2 and Women's Health

Pfizer/BioNTech C4591001 Trial - Audit Report - v1 (2024-05-31)

Top Japanese Scientists DEMAND Withdrawal of COVID Shots

Explosive Hearing: Philippines' House of Representatives Investigates 290K+ Excess Deaths Correlated with Experimental Vaccines

EudraVigilance Fraud Follow-up (Part 4): Hiding C19 clot shot DEATHS as other concomitant medications! Just like VAERS

Hidden in Plain Sight: Time Displacement and Format Obfuscation in VAERS

It's Time To Stop the WHO's Horrific Pandemic Treaty

GLOBAL ALERT: Cancer experts and renowned Oncologists Worldwide Call For Immediate Halt to mRNA Gene Therapy Amid Surge of Hyper-progressive cancer cases

EudraVigilance Data No Longer Hidden in Plain Sight

Swiss cardiologist Dr. Thomas Binder relates his COVID19 experience including arrest by 60 police officers in full SWAT attire.

Batches for thee, but not for me


“A New Documentary Exposes the COVID 19 Response” - A Midwestern Doctor

"Fraudulent Vaccines"- Bhakdi, Reiss and Palmer (Germany); "Genetically Modified Organisms"- Gillespie (Australia) and Cooper (UK)

“Undisclosed Deaths in the BNT162b2 Phase 2/3 Clinical Trial” - Dr. Jeyanthi Kunadhasan, MD

Bacterial DNA Contamination of the COVID19 modRNA Gene Therapy Products (GTPs) And Why It Matters.

"Canadian Gov't Database..."

Another false claim by Reuters fact checkers that must be fact checked...

America First Legal Sues HHS For All the VAERS Backlog Records.

"We have 15,000 samples in freezers in Wuhan..."

The Dashboard that Ruled the World

Pfizer Documents Analysis Project After 2 Years

Healthcare is disappearing all around the world

Citizen Journalism as Disruptive Technology

A Close Look at the Amici Briefs in Murthy v. Missouri [Missouri v. Biden]

IMPORTANT Episode 38: My Thoughts On The Murthy v. Missouri Supreme Court Hearing Yesterday

Leading COVID-19 gene therapy products researcher gives an excellent interview with Jan Jekielek of Epoch Times.

Censorship of Medical Science in Action

Report 89: BOMBSHELL – War Room/DailyClout Researchers Find Pfizer Delayed Recording Vaccinated Deaths at Critical Juncture of EUA Process.

Mike Benz Video

The End of Democracy: "What I’m Describing is Military Rule"

Solari Special Report: Future Science Series: Protein Design by Directed Evolution in modRNA Injections with Dr. Sabine Stebel

BAM! Eminent French Geneticist Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude, and Top Investigative Reporter Corinne Lalo Expose the mRNA Vaccine Risks and WHO's Controversial Pandemic Power Grab

How safe are COVID-19 vaccines?

"COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons Learned from the Registrational Trials and Global Vaccination Campaign" - Mead, et al.

Pfizer hid two deaths of the 'vaccinated' to get the EUA past the FDA approval process

Lymphocytic Infiltration in the Heart Muscle, Thyroid Gland and Lung Following COVID-19 Injections